Wrap any gifts, like a professional

Elephero Team December 17, 2019 0 comments

Do your presents end up wrapped in helplessly wrinkled paper and lopsided little bows? While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we can’t help but admit there’s something incredibly satisfying about handing over an impeccably wrapped gift during the holidays (and year-round!).

If you struggle to wrap presents each year—or just want to up your game to impress your friends and family—we’ve got a treat for you. Toronto-based gift stylist Corrina vanGerwen was kind enough to let us pick her brain about what it takes to create a showstopping gift, and her pro tips are pretty ingenious, if we do say so ourselves.

Here’s everything you need to know about picking wrapping paper, executing proper technique, embellishing gifts, and more.

Wrap like a pro, all the time.

Wrap like a pro, all the time.

Better Materials, Better Wrapping

As with any craft, you’ll have an easier time creating a beautiful present if you start out with high-quality materials. “Avoid paper that’s too thin, as it’s going to tear easily and just be frustrating,” explains vanGerwen. “Papers from dollar stores, for example, tend to rip, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot.”

Insta-worthy presents

Once you’re armed with your wrapping paper, scissors and tape, it’s time to get to work. Here are some top tips for an Insta-worthy present:

1. Measure Your Paper

There’s such a thing as too much wrapping paper—and too little. “Paper should be large enough to wrap around the box with a little bit of overlap, plus enough overhang on either side to cover the ends of the box,” explains vanGerwen. “Too much paper gets in the way and you end up with wrinkles and bulges; too little paper and, well, you can’t cover your box.”

2. Wrap It Tight!

For best results, make sure your wrapping paper is tight around the package. “It should be snug and lie flat to avoid unsightly creases, gaps and bubbles.” Personally, I find it helpful to tape the inner edge of the paper to the package so you can pull it taut as you wrap the paper around.

3. Fold Exposed Edges

This next tip is ingenious, so easy and effective: “Fold over exposed edges of paper, both along the seam at the back and at either end,” says vanGerwen. “This hides crooked cuts for a cleaner look.”

4. Keep It Crisp

Just like your French fries, the edges of your packages should be crisp. Our gift stylist recommends using your fingernail to create sharp, defined creases.

5. Hide The Tape

If you want to get really extra about your wrapping, you’re going to need some double-sided tape in your arsenal. This allows you to hide it inside, resulting in a super neat appearance. However, depending on what paper you use, double-sided tape might not stick well: “Note that double-sided tape won’t stick to some papers,” says vanGerwen, “in which case you should test both clear tape as well as invisible tape to find which one shows less.”

Little Embellishments Go A Long Way

Once your package is wrapped, it’s time to decorate. You can go with a traditional bow or combine it with another little decoration for an added touch of holiday spirit. “I like to add embellishments like bells, tree ornaments, and sprigs of greenery to make gifts festive,” says vanGerwen. Not great with ribbon? She also recommends using pretty washi tape to give your package a little extra pizazz—no bow needed.

Wrapping Awkward Shapes (Hint: Gift Bag Time)

Okay, but what about those awkwardly-shaped items that you just don’t know what to do with? “Just put it in a box or gift bag; there’s no need to frustrate yourself by trying to get paper around a weird shape.”

Gift bags can be an easy way out, but at the end of the day, sometimes they’re necessary—especially if you’re pressed for time. “Don’t avoid gift bags because you think it’s lazy,” she says. “Wrapping should be fun, not frustrating.” With that holiday motto in mind, it’s time to create some beautiful presents!