What are the best types of branded swag to promote at corporate events?

Elephero Team December 19, 2019 0 comments

Corporate events provide a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with people who have a purchase intention and are decision makers in their organizations.

While 46% of tradeshow attendees comprise of middle or top management, as high as 81% of people attending corporate events have buying authority, according to CEIR figures reported by Trade Show News Network.

Although this is a fabulous opportunity to come face-to-face & network with prospective buyers, the most important corporate events have hundreds of booths competing for attention. Companies spend thousands of dollars to ensure they stand out and are visited by their target audience. On the other hand,attendees spend close to 3 hours on average, communicating with many of their competitors. So, even if your booth is able to attract significant footfall,how do you ensure that the decision makers remember you even after the event isover? An effective way to achieve this is by giving away promotional gifts. Elephero is very effective in creating a lasting impression & significantly increasing brand recall.

So, here are some amazing branded swag ideas that can keep your company on the minds of your target audience.

Best branded swag to give away at corporate events:

Samples — Water Bottles

Samples — Water Bottles

1. Drinkware

Branded drinkware is almost always used, provided it is of good quality and the artwork is stylish. These include coffee cups, water bottles,can coolers, glasses and travel mugs. A full color imprint of your logo and tagline can make the item look attractive. Drinkware is durable, is a daily-useitem and has high perceived value. To increase their utility for your target audience, you could choose ones with insulation, which keeps the drink perfectly hot or cold.

2. Headwear

Stay on top of their minds, literally! Your logos and maybe a clever slogan could look chic and be worn by the people you hand them out to.These include caps and beanies. As these provide protection, like shade or warmth, they create goodwill for your brand.

3. Power Bank

These are portable and extremely useful. People can easily carry them in their pocket or laptop bag. They give peace of mind when traveling, as Americans on average use their smartphones for close to 4 hours per day, according to figures released by eMarketer. When someone finds that their smartphone or tablet has run out of battery and needs to use your power bank, it could create a huge positive impact for your brand.

4. Swag Kit

Instead of choosing one item, consider giving a swag kit. All the items can be put into a branded tote. This not only looks good, but the tote becomes another item that people can continue using. The pack can include business or sports socks, drinkware,headgear and a pen.

Apart from these, consider items like branded t-shirts, backpacks,pocket journals and pens are great ideas for promotional giveaways.