What is Brand Merchandising?

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While it may seem like a complicated topic at first glance, brand merchandising is actually just a modern name for a business technique that has been in use for almost as long as human commerce has been around.

Brand merchandising can be simply described as the act of creating an authentic, identifiable company logo and brand identity, and then incorporating this recognizable visual aesthetic on products or services that are used by customers. While some products that use logos are proprietary to a company, many other such products are every day items that include quality hats, drinkware, premium hoodies, t-shirts, and the like.

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Well-executed brand marketing efforts can provide businesses that properly apply the technique with a number of benefits. Here are just a few to get your wheels turning.

  • Improved Brand Awareness. It is important to note that when an individual receives branded merchandise, this merchandise may be on display wherever the recipient goes. For example, a person who wears a custom apparel piece like a branded hat will likely wear this hat around their friends, family members, and other associates. In this way, overall awareness of a brand can be easily and effectively enhanced, especially if the product itself is well-designed and adds value to its recipient.
  • Low Cost of Entry. Properly executed brand merch campaigns can actually be relatively inexpensive in advertising terms. There are a multitude of common items that can be used for brand marketing, including lower cost items like off-the-shelf hats, t-shirts, pens, popsockets, key rings, etc. For the cost of having the logo placed on these inexpensive items to be gifted at high quantities, businesses can receive a lot of continuous advertising for their brands that isn’t limited to the number of impressions or clicks dictated by their budget.
  • Targeted Distribution. Businesses can strategically design their branded apparel and goods to reach a specific demographic, and can thus make their marketing efforts more effective. For example, a company that specializes in cycling equipment might offer athletic apparel or sport water bottles, and place their branded merchandise on websites that are known to be frequented by members of the cycling community.
    These are examples of some of the commonly seen benefits that strong brand merchandising campaigns can provide, but are by no means the only benefits that can be enjoyed.

What Are Some Products That Are Commonly Merchandised?

Just about any product, service, or even person can be associated with a specific company through brand marketing. This includes athletes that use certain brands of equipment, service companies that use recognizable mascots, and much more. Custom headwear and private label apparel are two popular options that are commonly seen in marketing efforts.

Other items that are on trend right now include drinkware, bags, journals, etc. The best approach to deciding which merchandise pieces are best for a specific business can be achieved by following the steps outlined in our Definitive Guide to Premium Brand Merchandising.

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